Arrangements have been concluded to conduct the Fellows Seminar at Yale University, USA. The goal of the Seminar is to deepen the leadership learning of the Fellows on how to create impact for a good Nigerian society. The major objectives are to: challenge the participants to think more deeply about living more successful and meaningful lives; move the Fellows from success to significance with focus on high-impact leadership for a better Nigerian society; and encourage them to move from thought to action through a high-impact class project.

The seminar modules are on: values; leadership; innovation; and impact. From October 26 through November 1, the Seminar will be led by moderators who are in two categories: Yale academics who will provide cutting-edge theory and knowledge while challenging conventional thinking; and, practitioners who have solved real-life complex issues and challenges through work experience.

The seminar flow will be an intersection of theory and application because, as rising leaders, the Fellows will value new concepts and tools (theory) and a learning from those who have previously engaged in real-life experiences (practice). The curriculum was developed on the premise of the key capabilities the Fellows would require to continue their leadership journey while also walking into roles within the society and their organization: self-awareness; critical thinking; foresightedness; and communications.