On January 29, NLI's Governing Board held its first meeting of the year. In addition to a review of 2014 Annual Report and discussion of 2015 Annual Plan, the Board also discussed NLI's Financial Sustainability roadmap as well as 2015 Senior Fellows Class. While adopting several resolutions and proffering recommendations on a number of issues, it was concluded that NLI's 2014 performance further positioned us to contribute to purposeful leadership in Nigeria with the growth of the network of Fellows and Associate Fellows as well as new partnership relationships that were developed. The solicitation of NLI leadership seminars, by a number of State Governors for their Cabinets, provides opportunity to drive positive change as Nigeria's 2015 emerging democratic and economic conditions. Other than consolidating the progress attained in 2014, other major objectives, in 2015, are alumni relations and development of the NLI Institute.