Sequel to the Dana Airlines accident on June 3, 2012, NLI began the implementation of its Safer Skies Initiative [SSI] project to improve the overall flight safety standards in Nigeria. SSI's five principal components are mutually complementary for the greatest impact to improve accountability of the aviation sector while also providing concrete support and assistance to the families of victims of the Dana Air tragedy. Legal Rights and Options Referral was an important SSI component which aimed at protecting the rights of the victims through expert legal advice and representation. To this end, NLI worked with a team of international and Nigerian Law Firms namely Pump Court Chambers and Irwin Mitchell Solicitors in UK as well as G.R.F. Dalley & Partners and SPA Ajibade & Co in Nigeria. The Firms constituted an Aviation Attorney Group that sought enforcement of the legal rights of the victims' families. On May 30, 2014, the Aviation Attorney Group sought reliefs, before the Federal High Court, on the statutory compensation by Dana Airlines to 23 families of the victim. Justice M.B. Idris, in his ruling, granted all the reliefs sought for the families in a judgment that was described as unprecedented in Nigeria's aviation law. In addition to all statutory payments to the families, Dana Air was mandated to pay an interest of 21 percent per annum on such outstanding payments as well as 10 percent per annum from the date of the ruling till all the payments are fully liquidated. NLI expresses its gratitude to SNFLI Oba Nsugbe, SAN OBE, for his leadership and support to this 'bitter-sweet' victory for the families of the victims of Dana Air tragedy.