Under its Safer Skies Initiative [SSI], NLI organized an aviation safety forum titled Partnering for Safer Skies: Reform Agenda for the Nigerian Aviation Sector. The Forum was the first in the series of advocacy efforts that brought together airline regulators, operators, and other experts to develop actionable agenda for enhanced air travels in Nigeria. Among the keynote speakers were Alhaji Adamu Abdullahi, Director of Consumer Protection at the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority and Captain Nogie Meggison, the Chairman of Airline Operators of Nigeria. In attendance were members of the policy community, corporate organizations, civil society organizations, medical practitioners, legal organizations, and members of the media. At the end of the Forum, a communiqué was issued in which all the stakeholders agreed on collaborative actions amongst which were: engagement of the Federal Government at the highest level to highlight the key challenges and set the agenda for the industry; strengthening of aviation institutions; and establishment of maintenance entities for Nigeria and West Africa. The Airlines Operators of Nigeria [AON] gave its acceptance, in principle, to host the next quarterly Forum while the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority [NCAA] will organize the Forum after AON.