An important value that NLI passionately subscribes to and encourages its Fellows to imbibe and apply in their personal and professional lives is the spirit of giving back to society. This veritable principle is often referenced in the NLI axiom: Moving from Thought to Action. Consequently, NLI is proud to showcase impactful projects designed and executed by our fellows in an effort to give back selflessly to society.

We Picture Nigeria is a documentary produced by Luqman Edu, an NLI Associate Fellow. In October 2011, Luqman participated in the NLI Future Leaders Seminar where he imbibed the patriotic spirit of giving back to his country. When subsequently he realized the poor knowledge of Nigerian history and the poor reporting on Nigerian affairs, it became clear to him what he must do. Luqman passionately set out on a journey to speak with and interview key stakeholders in the making of the Nigerian nation. The culmination of that personal project is what we have today as the documentary titled: We Picture Nigeria

See Documentary on YouTube.