Extension of Future Leaders Application to 6th April 2014

Applications for the May 2014 Future Leaders Seminar has commenced.

The Future Leaders Seminar is a program for emerging public and private sector leaders aged 25 to 35 years based in Nigeria or the Diaspora. The seminar is a 3-day residential seminar sessions capped by the launch of class projects by the seminar participants. At the end of each session, the participants are inducted as Associates of NLI.

The Future Leaders Seminar had its inaugural class in 2007 and to date, with support from First Bank of Nigeria Ltd, there are currently 272 NLI Associates globally. The Future Leaders Seminar was designed to define the mission of the Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI) by creating a growing, global network of accomplished community-spirited Nigerian leaders, committed to taking responsibility for driving positive change in Nigeria and Nigerian communities.

Application Criteria:

  1. Candidates must be 25-35 years old
  2. Have exceptional community spirited and outstanding leadership qualities in their fields
  3. They must provide a written essay
  4. Provide two written references
  5. They should proceed online to www.careerparley.com/nli or visit www.nli-global.org to fill the application form. For further enquiries, please send an email to [email protected]