Nigeria Leadership Initiative | Projects

PND is a seminal idea. It is a novel approach to citizens’ advocacy and engagement. PND is principally conceived to change mindsets and values. In this sense, PND’s value proposition is to orchestrate a values reorientation for leaders and followers in Nigeria. The PND will amongst other things encourage Nigerians: to identify and prioritize their three most important aspirations; to unify ideals and nationalism; to provide their leaders the basis for the prioritization of public expenditure in accordance with citizens’ expressed priorities; and, to define a framework for holding leadership accountable. In this regard, PND will improve governance systems and processes in Nigeria.

To effectively execute the PND, NLI has entered into technical partnership with NOI Polls, Nigeria’s foremost polling data organization and TBWA, a leading marketing communication Agency in Nigeria. The former will help NLI mine the quantitative data required to actualize the PND while the latter will frame the communication narrative that will distill the qualitative data. The PND is expected to take off in the third quarter of 2014.