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Meet Our New Senior Fellows

NLI Senior Fellows are highly accomplished leaders at the pinnacle of their respective endeavors. To become an NLI Senior Fellow, an individual must be nominated and participate in a Senior Fellows Seminar which aims at moving the participants from success to significance. The thought-leadership seminar focuses on the ideals and ideas of a good society as well as value creation for Nigeria. A critical component of the seminar is to encourage the participants to create impact by moving from thought to action through a project that reflects that values and passion.

Governing Board Meeting

On January 29, NLI’s Governing Board held its first meeting of the year. In addition to a review of 2014 Annual Report and discussion of 2015 Annual Plan, the Board also discussed NLI’s Financial Sustainability roadmap as well as 2015 Senior Fellows Class

2015 Senior Fellows Class

As part of its mission to grow a network of leaders, a new cohort of NLI Senior Fellows will be inducted in April after participating in a seminar that focuses on leadership, values, and the good society.

NLI Mourns - Kunle Olaifa (1980-2014)

It was a bleak day for Nigeria, the Olaifa family, and NLI, when on the 19th of August 2014 a fatal car accident claimed the life of an outstanding NLI Associate Fellow Kunle Olaifa. Kunle epitomized the values which NLI upholds and, more importantly

NLI Brings Foreign Policy to Meet Business

NLI has commenced its Diplomatic Dialogue Series [DDS] - “where foreign policy meets business”. It is NLI’s effort to contribute to stronger bilateral relations between Nigeria and its friendly

NLI and Yale University

The Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI) and Yale University, on behalf of its World Fellows Program [WFP], signed an agreement for programmatic exchanges and collaboration to build leadership capacity in Africa at New Haven, CT, USA [September 20, 2013]

NLI Annual Awards

The NLI Annual Awards is established to recognize and celebrate Nigerian citizens who have made outstanding contributions to the transformative change necessary for the development of Nigeria.