Seminars & Symposia

Our Senior Leaders and Future Leaders seminars are the core of our organisation. The seminars are text-based, moderated by skilled professionals to prompt dialogue and reinforced with the practicality of class and/or individual projects. The Christopher Kolade Symposium (CK Symposium) is also held annually in honour of our founding patron, with varying themes centred on Public Service.

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Future Leaders Seminar

A Future Leaders class is held in May and October each year for emerging public and private sector leaders aged 25 to 35 years and based in Nigeria or the Diaspora. Each class has 3-Day residential seminar sessions capped by a Dinner and the Launch of Class Projects by the seminar participants. At the end of each session, the participants become Associates of NLI.

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Senior Leaders Seminar

A Senior Leaders class is held for selected highly accomplished and credible Nigerian Leaders (Fellows) in Nigeria and the Diaspora. Fellows attend a series of seminars, attend networking fora and undertake individual leadership projects. At the end of each session, the participants become Fellows of NLI.

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Aspen Institute
All NLI Fellows are members of the Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN). NLI’s senior leaders seminars (for Fellows) are modelled after the Aspen Institute’s myriad leadership offerings; from the Henry Crown Fellowship Program to the Africa Leadership Initiative. As such, they are text-based and moderated by skilled professionals whose role is not to teach but to prompt informed dialogue among all assembled. The emphasis is on creating a spirited and engaging dialogue among all participants that will lead to a collective commitment to action.

Aspen is a partner with NLI on its Senior Leaders Program. They are currently not involved in other aspects of NLI.

The Christopher Kolade (CK) Symposium

The Christopher Kolade Symposium brings together eminent, highly-credible, and public-spirited Nigerians to:

  • Discuss a topic of public importance;
  • Encourage transparency and accountability by providing a forum for key stakeholders to engage with the public;
  • Propose practical solutions to national issues of pressing concern

The Christopher Kolade Symposium is held annually in honor of NLI’s Founding Patron, Dr. Christopher Kolade CON, whose achievements in the public and private sectors, as well as his personal life, have set a high benchmark for outstanding citizenship. The intent is for the Christopher Kolade Symposium to become a major forum for healthy debate on key issues relating to public service in Nigeria, as well as a starting platform for the discussion and development of relevant practical national policies.

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