The strength of our projects is that we bring together some of the brightest, credible and most accomplished Nigerians globally to work together to help transform the country.

Project Updates

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Seminars & Symposia

Our Senior Leaders and Future Leaders seminars are the core of our organisation. Modelled after those held at the Aspen Institute, they are text-based, moderated by skilled professionals to prompt dialogue and reinforced with the practicality of class projects. The Christopher Kolade Symposium (CK Symposium) is also held annually in honour of our founding patron, with varying themes centred on Public Service.


Our projects in this area promote and  reinforce NLI’s ten core values among students in a quantifiable, scalable and sustainable way.  We have executed a pilot Debate Competition with the Nigerian FCT School Education Board.  The aim of the competition is to encourage the development of values and patriotism through interaction and discussions. We are undertaking a number of projects for youths codenamed, CLEVER (an acronym for Character, Leadership, Education, Values, Effort and Results).  We are also setting up Clubs in Nigerian secondary schools to promote values and as a platform for executing community projects. A successful pilot has been executed.

Public Governance

NLI’s Governance Accountability Program will seek to train and hold government officials accountable for ethical and effective public service. The programme will focus on educating the electorate, fostering good governance and putting pressure on political office holders to deliver on their promises.

Civic Values

By using public appeals, our Civic Values Projects help to enhance the orientation of Nigerian society.  Our National Essay Competition is one of such initiatives.


NLI is working on building a network of Small Growing Businesses that will go beyond the typical bottom-line orientation to incorporate principles based on NLI’s core values into their businesses.  We also sponsor an annual Business Plan Competition.

Special Projects

These projects focus on areas that have significant transformational potential.  For instance, NLI recognises that the sustainability of any society’s economic and social growth depends on the quality of life of its people. Therefore, NLI has begun to increase private participation in the sector with a Sickle Cell Laboratory Project.