United Kingdom (UK) Parliamentarians acknowledge NLI’s contributions to Nigeria

The Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI) has been identified as an organization that supports the growth and development of Nigeria. This affirmation was made by the British All Party Parliamentary Group in its recently released 2012 Report on Nigeria at the House of Commons, UK In April 2012, a delegation of the British All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) visited Nigeria on a fact-finding mission and the their findings were the basis of the 2012 report which particularly focused on youth population, reform agenda, business environment, and security situation in Nigeria.

In the report, NLI was recognized as one of the groups that support the growth and development of Nigeria. According to the report, “Nigeria’s international partners that host large Diaspora groups and are interested in supporting development and reform efforts would greatly benefit from effective engagement of these Diaspora organizations and individuals. NLI is an example of an organization that brings together Nigerian professionals in Nigeria and in the Diaspora to sustain development of values-based leadership skills with the aim of supporting development in Nigeria.” The report further went on to say that real change can be brought to specific areas and communities if organizations such as NLI are supported to link up with effective partners.

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) comprises of British Members of Parliament (MPs) from all political parties with interest in Nigeria. The APPG seeks to create a better understanding among British Parliamentarians about Nigeria. In addition, the APPG aims to build good relations and support efforts to promote development and social justice in Nigeria.

Follow link http://www.chathamhouse.org/events/view/185307 to read full report.