NLI has further increased its number of accomplished and future values-based leaders eager to play a transformative role in the development of Nigeria. On April 25, in collaboration with partner Yale University, a new cohort of accomplished leaders was inducted as Senior Fellows of NLI (SFNLI) at a ceremony chaired by retired Chief Justice Margaret Marshall at the Greenberg Centre, Yale University.Further, on May 30 at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Lagos, 27 future leaders were inducted as Associate Fellows of NLI (AFNLI).

SFNLIs are credible influencers in leadership positions with extensive professional experience and highly significant executive leadership accomplishments. More importantly, they are passionate about Nigeria's development. At the Senior Fellows Seminar, themed "From Success to Significance: Legacy", the SFNLIs focused on the ideals and ideas that make a good society as well as value creation for a good society. The major objectives were to: forefront the importance of a good legacy through individual action; engage the participants to recognize the true picture of a good society; remind participants of their responsibility to lead with values in their various roles; encourage the participants that leadership is generational and transferable and, therefore, the need to mentor the younger generation.

The conversation opened on leading with values as well as the essence of promoting innate values to create a good society. Further, the seminar participants examined values and ethics in leadership and as well as a retrospective evaluation of their leadership accomplishments. Participants further discussed leadership legacy as well as grand strategies for leadership. Other important themes, during the seminar, were the challenge of leadership as well as leadership in the Nigerian context. Finally, the seminar participants engaged in a conversation on life of service and moving beyond thoughts and word to action.

Seasoned and highly respected moderators facilitated the seminar and they included seasoned leaders such as Ambassador John Negroponte, Ambassador Johnnie Carson, and Mr. Tom Barry, CEO and Founder, Zephyr Management, Richard Foster, Lecturer in Management, Yale School of Management and David Caruso of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence among others. After the Seminar, the participants unanimously reported that they were personally renewed, professionally refocused, and better prepared to continue their leadership journey while also leaving a legacy for the next generation.

Given that changes do not happen overnight, NLI builds a new generation of values-based young Nigerians.NLI's future leaders are young men and women between the ages of 25-35 from diverse profession, ethnicity, gender, who have demonstrated great potentials for leadership in corporate and civic responsibilities as well as public service. Through its Future Leaders Program, NLI grows a critical mass of values-based leaders who are guided by values and driven by character for the eventual transformation of Nigeria.

Guided by experienced moderators, the newly inducted AFNLI's took part in a seminar with readings and discussions to deeply reflect on their values, leadership, and what changes they need to make for the greater good. The seminar sessions focused on Values, Good Society, Nigerian History, Challenge of Leadership, Community, Efficiency, Liberty, and Equality.During the seminars, the participants were nudged to move from thought to action by undertaking a transformative "class" project that contributes to the Nigerian society.The collection of readings is produced by some of the greatest leaders from around the world and across the ages including Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Mencius, Martin Luther King, Lee Kwan Yew, Zhou Enlai, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Obafemi Awolowo among several others.

Following the completion of the seminar, the participants were inducted as Associate Fellows of NLI at a ceremony attended by NLI's Senior Fellows, Fellows, and other Associate Fellows.