Fellows Program

The NLI Fellows Program is designed for outstanding talents among NLI Associates to pursue their own creative, intellectual, and professional inclinations. Associates selected for the Fellows Program will have reached an inflection point in their lives where, having achieved success, they are ready to apply their creative talents to building a better society. The Fellows category is a reward for past and present accomplishment, investment in originality, insight, and potentials of NLI Associates to exercise their own creative instincts for the benefit of human society.

Individuals cannot apply for the Fellows Program on their own. They must be nominated by recognized leaders of business and community organizations or by NLI Senior Fellows or members of the Nigeria Leadership Governing Board. Individuals nominated for the NLI Fellows Program should be between the ages of 35 – 50.

To qualify as an NLI Fellow, nominees will be expected to go through a NLI Fellows Seminar which will take place at the New haven Campus of Yale University, Connecticut, USA.

It is expected that Yale will provide a structured space for self-assessment, reflection, and peer feedback. Sessions will expose Fellows to up-close leadership conversations with world practitioners; collaborative research projects; relationship building and management; involvement in community service projects; platforms for mentoring, negotiation, entrepreneurship, innovation, individualized coaching in public speaking and media training, building confidence and enhancing personal presence, values based leadership among others.