White Papers

As part of its contributions to Nigeria's overall development, NLI intends to publish a third volume of its White Papers focusing on the 'Cost of Corruption in Nigeria.' Technical articles will be commissioned by accomplished Nigerians and corruption experts on highlighting the marginal cost of corruption in Nigeria and proffer practical solutions for national development. The publication of the White Papers will be a first step in a series of activities aimed at proffering possible solution on improving Nigeria's global image and increasing its foreign direct investment. A formal launching of the publication will be organized with the objective of bringing together different stakeholders to build a coalition for what will eventually be a targeted advocacy campaign against corruption in Nigeria.

The aforementioned launching will comprise of International development partners and donor agencies, civil society organizations, public and private sector investors, anti- corruption agencies, and reformers in the justice and legal system. Click Here to Download , https://www.es-farma.com/